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About Us

About Britex Holdings (Private) Limited

“Innovative Solutions, Sustainable Growth: Our Journey of Excellence”


Welcome to Britex Holdings (Private) Limited, a vibrant and forward-thinking entity that has been a pioneering force in the Sri Lankan business landscape for over five decades. Our journey commenced in 1964, ignited by the ambitious vision of a group of Sri Lankan entrepreneurs and professionals. Their audacious dream was to revolutionize an industry historically dominated by multinational corporations, establishing a formidable Sri Lankan presence that would be defined by innovation, uncompromising quality, and a resolute commitment to sustainability.

Our Evolution: From IAC to Britex Holdings

In August 2021, we embarked on a transformative journey, rebranding ourselves from Industrial Asphalts (Ceylon) Plc (IAC) to Britex Holdings. This strategic shift marked a significant milestone in our growth story. While it acknowledged our enduring heritage, it also positioned us to diversify our business portfolio and broaden our horizons. Today, as Britex Holdings, we are geared towards making a profound impact across multiple sectors while retaining the invaluable expertise we have accumulated during our 50+ years in the Sri Lankan bituminous products industry.

Over 40 High-Quality Products Across 16 Specialized Areas

Our Values

Empowering Progress, Vision for a Sustainable Future

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower Sri Lanka's infrastructure development by delivering superior bituminous products and coatings that stand as symbols of quality and resilience. We aspire to set industry benchmarks through innovation and become a source of pride for every Sri Lankan.

Our Mission

At Britex Holdings, our mission is to lead Sri Lanka's bituminous products and surface coatings industry with innovative solutions, unwavering quality, and a sustainable approach. We are dedicated to reshaping the industry landscape through our commitment to excellence and local ownership.
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Invest in the Future with
Britex Holdings

As we embark on the next phase of our journey—one that promises growth, diversification, and new horizons—we extend an invitation to consider Britex Holdings as a compelling investment opportunity. Our rich history, unwavering commitment to excellence, and sustainable practices make us a standout choice for investors seeking to be part of a company that is redefining industries and contributing significantly to the prosperity of Sri Lanka.

By investing in Britex Holdings, you not only invest in our success but also become an integral part of our collective journey toward progress. Join us in shaping a brighter future through innovation, quality, and sustainability. Become a part of our story.

For inquiries and investment opportunities, please contact us at info@britexholdings.lk

The Establishment

How Britex Holdings Was Established

  • Britex Holdings (Private) Limited was established on 23rd April 2021 under the ownership and leadership of Mr. K. Naveenkanth.
  • Mr. K. Naveenkanth served on the Board of Industrial Asphalts (Ceylon) PLC (IAC) during the period from August 2018 to July 2021 as the Managing Director/ CEO of the Company. Industrial Asphalts (Ceylon) PLC was the pioneer in manufacturing bitumen based premium paints and protective coatings in Sri Lanka from 1964.
  • Mr. K. Naveenkanth during his service period at Industrial Asphalts (Ceylon) PLC was responsible for investing into turnaround opportunities of the organization’s traditional business lines. As a result, he acquired the Paints & Coatings business segment of IAC in July 2021 and established Britex Holdings (Private) Limited to further expand the business line under his ownership.
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